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Glass Shower Enclosure and Door

A Tough Measure

We love a challenge!  This lovely shower hides a little challenge for the shower guys.  The best layout for this beautiful installation required that the left side of the glass panel next to the door have a mitered edge.  That means that the left edge is cut at 45 degrees.  This requires a precise measurement …

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Exterior Windows on Commercial Building

Texas Stone Supply

Texas Stone Supply is a great addition to Granbury’s local business community.  Although they are a worksite and wholesaler of high-volume stone, they created an attractive and welcoming store-front.  We were excited to be a part of creating that warm and welcoming feel.  We were able to use several of our special products here – …

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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

These customers did a beautiful job updating their standard bathroom, adding a nice inset and a tiled shelf/seat.  The  space dictated that they keep their standard tub.  However, they wanted a sleek, updated look – no shower curtains!  And they wanted a slider instead of door system. Our shower specialists consulted with them, and they …

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What is a Glazer 2

What is a Glazier?

“Honey, Granbury Door and Window called and said the glaziers will be here at 11:00.” “That’s awesome !  I didn’t know they delivered donuts !” What….we changed the name to Granbury Doors and Donuts ? So, what is a Glazier?  We’re honored you asked.  Originally, way back in the 1300s, the word started as “glasier,” …

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Let Thy Window Be True

Window guys use funny words.  Level, plumb, square, and true.Are these words from Proverbs?  “Let thy window be level and true, elst thou shalt have leakage.”“Those who respect their plumb and square shall prosper long in their days without leaks during the tempest.”While our window guys may treat these concepts almost religiously, we can demystify …

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