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Glaziers: The Glass Whisperers

“Honey, Granbury Door and Window called and said the glaziers will be here at 11:00.”

“That’s awesome !  I didn’t know they delivered donuts !”

What….we changed the name to Granbury Doors and Donuts ?

So, what is a Glazier?  We’re honored you asked.  Originally, way back in the 1300s, the word started as “glasier,” which later morphed into “glazier.”  It is also similar to a related definition, which is someone who applies a glaze to pottery, food, or leather. 

What is a GLazer 1

Nowadays, a Glazier is to someone who fits glass into windows.  But you can imagine how that concept grew over the centuries.  Stained glass, mirrors, windows in doors, and now automobiles.  A Glazier as a person who works with glass, particularly the type of glass used for windows.  We call this flat glass.  The work of a glazier also includes mirrors, windows, or shaping flat glass for lots of projects.   Sometimes, Glaziers just install glass, but often are they install window units – frame, sashes, glass, the whole thing.

Our installation crew at Granbury Door and Window is talented at many other affiliated skills.  Hardware selection and installation.  Creating glass tabletops or table covers.  Mirror sizing and installation.  Fabrication of large commercial storefronts.  Even solar screens.  Door installation and repair.  (Fact of the day: door installers in the US are “carpenters”, but in the UK are called “bench joiners.”)

What is a Glazer 2

Our Glaziers are also trained in the ancillary parts of getting the job done: securely working on ladders and lifts, loading equipment, safe driving, sometimes even safe demolition of large glass projects.  And of course, great customer service, including protection of your landscaping, paint, and clean-up after projects. 

Can you tell we really appreciate our installers?  We do !

One of the things not found on a Glaziers job description:  Deliver donuts.  Well, for enough money, we might….

What is a Glazer 3

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