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Texas Stone Supply

Texas Stone Supply is a great addition to Granbury’s local business community.  Although they are a worksite and wholesaler of high-volume stone, they created an attractive and welcoming store-front.  We were excited to be a part of creating that warm and welcoming feel.  We were able to use several of our special products here – commercial storefront, specialty wood doors, and  fire rated doors.

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Visit their website if you have a need – http://www.txstonesupply.com/

Below are some examples of the specialty wood doors that the owner s requested.  They had a great eye for using wood and stone to create an elegant showroom.  The glass transom above the double doors is a classy architectural touch.  The glass allows for lots of light, as well as ease of noticing new customers!

The showroom is surrounded by large commercial windows.  This allows the staff to welcome new customers early, to monitor the industrial truck scales, and to comfortably enjoy the Texas sunset, no matter the weather.  Note the fun details in the window “styles” or mullions.  They choose the height to match the header of the double doors in the middle of the building.  In this case, the choice makes the window and doors symmetrical and more eye appealing.  They allude to a Frank Lloyd Wright design, with the off-center perimeter “styles” on mullions.  Very thoughtful and creative.

The owners chose to use the back of the building to highlight a large expanse of their best stone products.  With a little landscaping, they made a quiet retreat for couples trying to decide on their new home’s look.  Of course, we think the high windows really make the setting perfect.  But, we’re a little prejudiced…  These windows provide plenty of light for the interior warehouse.


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