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Frame Types


One of the most popular materials for windows is vinyl which are durable, generally lower in cost, and energy efficient. One big advantage is the color is all the way through the vinyl and wont peel off. Our EnergyCore vinyl window is one the most efficient windows made to date and is available in many different shapes.


While less expensive, aluminum windows are less energy efficient, but very durable, than windows made of other materials. Aluminum windows may experience conductive heat loss and condensation around the frame, more often than vinyl or wood windows. We recommend using our thermally broken windows made by Dan Young Company, which are powder coated, if you use aluminum windows.


The first material in windows and doors, wood windows are still a wise choice for many homeowners trying to upgrade a home’s original windows with more energy efficient models. Wood windows are less prone to condensation. Many wood windows feature aluminum or vinyl cladding on the exterior, which reduces external maintenance.

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