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1. Appearance

Keep in mind your home’s architecture, style and color. Our residential sales team can help you choose or match your home’s style, with custom colors, frames, mullions, and shapes. 

2. Energy Efficiency

Inefficient windows can dramatically increase your home’s heating and cooling costs.  Be aware of factors that relate to energy efficiency, like U-values, Low-E coatings, and weather-stripping.

  • U-values measure the insulating value of windows and other fenestration products. The lower the U-value, the better job a window does in keeping out heat and cold.
  • In our Southern climates where air conditioning is important, choose a window with a lower solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) to block more of the sun’s heat rays.
  • An easy way to choose energy-efficient windows is to look for products that meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.
  • Most high-performing windows today have glass coated with a Low-E microscopic film. The Low-E coating improves thermal performance and stops much of the sun’s heat rays and damaging UV rays while only slightly tinting the window.

3. Function

Our team will help with many questions or observations, such as:
Does the window need to open? 
Does it need screens? 
Is it easy to clean? 

If it’s a casement window:
does the crank handle fold away to leave window fashions undisturbed?
Will it be easy to open if it’s over the sink or another hard-to-reach spot? 

If the window will be a means of an escape exit in case of fire, we’ll make sure it opens easily and provides an adequately-sized opening to meet the needs of local building codes for emergency exits. 

4. Location

Which direction does your window face?  How much sunlight or weather will it be exposed to? 

Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing — oversized windows featuring standard glass can allow too much hot sun into a home during summer months.

Consider selecting windows with between-the-glass shades or blinds for enhanced privacy. Select windows featuring Low-E coatings to protect your furnishings from overexposure to the summer’s hot sun.

5. Maintenance

How important is exterior maintenance to you? For the ultimate in convenience, consider virtually maintenance-free aluminum cladding that will keep your windows looking beautiful for years to come.
Are the windows designed for ease of cleaning from the home’s interior?
Are grilles protected between panes of glass to make cleaning a breeze?
Are hardware options easy to maintain and operate?

6. Options

Don’t forget about the importance of color options in reflecting your style and adding to the appeal of your home. Some manufacturers offer limited exterior color choices, while others offer custom colors to match your decor.  Today’s window hardware can coordinate with other hardware options in your home, such as cabinetry hardware, faucets and other fixtures.

7. Personal Preference

What style of windows do you prefer? Classic or contemporary? With grilles or without? If you make a quality window purchase, you will likely live with your decision for many years. Select a style that reflects your preference.

8. Price

The least expensive window probably isn’t your best buy.  We’ll only recommend windows with a strong warranty that we can stand behind.  A good quality window should provide decades of beauty and performance.

9. Purpose

Choose the right style and size for each window. Do you want the window to frame the view outside or simply provide ventilation? Will it function as an operable window or will it be a non-opening decorative accent for the outside of the home?

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