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Customer Experiences

“GDW has the best operation (for installing windows) I have ever seen. He is also the most generous contractor I’ve ever seen. I can promise you that there is no easier group to work with. Simply put, they offer great service!”
Steve Davidson
Habitat for Humanity
“When we called in Granbury Door and Window, you could hold your hand next to our existing windows and feel the cold air blowing in. Their crew fixed the problem COMPLETELY, and it was done PROPERLY. The best part was that they showed up on time, and did the work they were supposed to do.
Jon W.
Granbury Homeowner
“I had no complaints with the guys from Granbury Door and Window. They were here when they said they would be and finished the work they said they would do. I would highly recommend the entire gang at Granbury Door and Window.”
Con S.
Granbury Homeowner
“Granbury Door and Window does a quality job. They have experienced personnel, and I have been very satisfied with their production and delivery. Everything came in on time.”
Bob Edmunson
Innovative Developers
“We felt they did a great job. We loved the windows and found the price very reasonable. We have recommended Granbury Door and Window to friends, and would do so again. We felt that the company had a high degree of character and quality.”
Alice B.
Granbury Homeowner
“Granbury Door and Window did great work. They were referred to us—and came highly recommended. They showed up and did a great job with every aspect of the job. I would highly recommend their crew.”
Mike Cassol
Cassol Properties, Inc., Glen Rose
“The salesman and staff at Granbury Door and Window are helpful and very professional, I appreciate you coming out right away to install our lock”
Iris B.
“The salesman and installation crew from Granbury Door and Window came up with a creative solution to match existing finish on our house.”
Leslie B.
“We would like to thank your company for doing such a beautiful job. All your guys were just wonderful. Thank you again!”
Kim Greer
Southside Baptist Church, Granbury
“I have been very satisfied with Granbury Door and WIndow’s products and service. They are always prompt and the owner, Jimmy Hedge is very accommodating.”
T&P Properties
“Everything looks great. We appreciate the professional service”
Fuzzy's Taco Shop
Stephenville, Texas
“You did a fantastic job! We will be calling you back to install more windows.”
Georgia S.

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