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Choosing the Right Window Frame

When it comes to choosing window frames, it’s essential to consider various factors such as durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. The material used

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Glass Shower Enclosure and Door

A Tough Measure

We love a challenge!  This lovely shower hides a little challenge for the shower guys.  The best layout for this beautiful installation required that the

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Exterior Windows on Commercial Building

Texas Stone Supply

Texas Stone Supply is a great addition to Granbury’s local business community.  Although they are a worksite and wholesaler of high-volume stone, they created an

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what is insulated glass

What is Insulated Glass?

Granbury Door and Window is often hired to replace Insulated Glass, or IG – due to breakage or when windows fog because of seal failure. 

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Let Thy Window Be True

Window guys use funny words.  Level, plumb, square, and true. Are these words from Proverbs?  “Let thy window be level and true, elst thou shalt

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*Many residential window replacement quotes can be done over the phone. Some jobs may require an in-person inspection

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