Welcome to National Window Safety Week

Hi Friends…. Gus here!  It’s Window Safety Week (April 1 – 7)!!  So, we are going to take a light-hearted yet serious approach to keeping our families safe from those accidental falls out of windows!

Picture this: spring is in full swing, the flowers are blooming, and the breeze is just right for airing out the house. But amidst all this joy, there’s a sneaky danger lurking around – open windows! Yep, they can be a hazard, especially for our little monkeys.

Every year, around 3,300 accidents happen in the U.S. because of falls from windows.
And guess who’s most at risk? Our pint-sized monkeys that like to get into everything. They’re curious, agile, and haven’t quite mastered the concept of “danger.” That’s where National Window Safety Week steps in to save the day.

Back in 1997, the clever folks at the National Safety Council (N.S.C.) teamed up with the Window Safety Task Force to kickstart this week of awareness. It’s not just about preventing falls; it’s also about making sure everyone knows how to use windows to escape in emergencies – like a superhero exit, but safer!

During this special week, we will be sharing the lowdown on window safety tips on our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram. It’s like a crash course in keeping those windows shut tight and rearranging the furniture so it’s not inviting mischief. And hey, forget about relying on screens to keep the little ones in; they’re just good for keeping bugs out!

But it’s not all serious stuff. National Window Safety Week brings the fun too! There are coloring books, infographics, and all sorts of cool resources from the National Safety Council to make learning about window safety a blast for the whole family. So let’s raise our window guards and stoppers (figuratively, of course) and celebrate the art of keeping our loved ones safe – one window at a time!
More information can be found each day of Window Safety Week (April 1-7) on our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram.  We invite you to follow us!

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