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Glass Options

If you are in the market for any glass products for your business, we offer many options for you to choose from. Please look at our section under residential glass and windows to find information about the following types of glass:

  • Clear
  • Tinted
  • Insulated
  • Low-E
  • Heat Absorbing
  • Reflective
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Fixed Storefront

For our commercial customers that are looking for solutions for their storefront needs, we use YKK AP Storefront systems. Their high-quality storefront systems provide us with the perfect pieces to assemble the storefront you want. Here is what you can expect when we build up your project using YKK AP Storefront Systems.

YKK AP Storefront systems are the perfect ground floor for any project. [Their] industry-leading quality, versatility and support mean the only limit is your imagination.

YKK AP Storefront Systems complement curtain or window wall solutions YKK AP offers an array of installation and aesthetic options to satisfy project needs.

YKK AP Storefront System options can be installed with a number of YKK AP offerings for speedier installation – with engineering tolerances ten times the industry standard using YKK AP components; support for wider and taller building spans; and feature industry leading moisture resistance. ( (June 21, 2022)

Fire -Resistant Glass

Polished wired glass is the most common type of fire-resistant glass used in North America for the last century. It is typically rated for 45 minutes in lite sizes up to 9 square lites in doors with temperature-rise criteria. It is less expensive than glass ceramic, but since 2006 the International Building Code (IIBC) has prohibited its use in hazardous locations in all facility types because of its low impact resistance. Glass ceramic, on the other hand is a wireless product  similar in appearance to ordinary window glass. This glass provides fire ratings from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Glass Ceramics withstand the thermal shock of water from fire hoses or sprinklers. ( (June 21, 2022)

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