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Glass Types

Clear Glass

Clear glass is the basic material available for window panes. In recent years, with the advent of ever-increasing energy costs, more homeowners are choosing glass with special glazing options, like Low-E coating, to enhance energy efficiency.

Obscured Glass

Glass that has an obscure texture is mostly used in bathrooms for privacy and is available in many different patterns. Some patterns are very obscured while others are slightly obscure, but elegant.

Heat Absorbing Glass

Glass treated with gray, green or bronze tints reduce heat gain by absorbing as much as 45 percent of the incoming solar energy, further increasing the energy efficiency of windows.

Reflective Glass

Glass that has been coated with a reflective film is useful for controlling solar heat gain during the summer. It also reduces the passage of light and solar transmittance year-round.

Low-E Glass

Low-E coating is a microscopically thin finish of metal oxide on the surface of clear glass that reflects a high percentage of heat. This coating allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass into the home, while at the same time blocking heat from escaping the room, considerably reducing heat loss. The reverse happen during the summer time.

Layers & Spaces

Homeowners can choose from one, two and sometimes even three panes of glass for their new windows. Multiple layers of glass increase a window’s ability to resist heat flow (decreasing the U-value) and greatly increasing its energy efficiency. An even more energy efficient window results when the double or triple-paned glass is a Low-E insulating glass with argon.

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