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It’s Time to Replace your Windows

Yo, folks! Gus here, swinging by with some important info about your humble abode. Listen up because your windows are a big deal when it comes to keeping your nest cozy and energy-efficient. If those windows of yours are damaged or just plain outdated, they aren’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time for a change, my friends!

Now, windows don’t go from top-notch to low-grade in a snap. It happens over time, slowly but surely. So how do you know when it’s time to give’em the boot?

Well, lucky for you, I’ve got ten warning signs to keep an eye out for if you suspect your windows are past their prime. If any of these ring a bell, it might be high time to consider getting some replacement windows.

But before we dive in, allow me to fill you in on window lifespan. On average, home windows last about 15-20 years. Once they hit that age, the seals start to weaken or fail, letting in drafts and water seepage. Not cool, right?

Back in the day, single-pane windows were all the rage. But let me tell you, they don’t hold a candle to the energy efficiency of modern double-pane windows. Those old singles just aren’t cuttin’ it anymore.

So, without further ado, here are the signs you should keep an eye out for:


1. Your Windows Are Visibly Damaged

This one’s a no-brainer, my friends. If your windows are showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace them. Damaged windows can lead to serious trouble like water seepage, mold, pests, and even make your home an easy target for intruders. Don’t take chances with your safety or wallet. Get those damaged windows fixed pronto. And if you’ve got older single-pane windows, the same goes for you.

2.  Your Windows Are Drafty

Drafts are a real pain. Not only do they mess with your comfort, but they also make your HVAC system work extra hard to keep the temperature just right. Take a quick test: close and lock your window, then put your hand at the bottom or top of the window sash where it meets the frame. If you feel a breeze, you got a draft. Replacing those drafty windows can help seal them up and keep your energy costs in check.

3.  Your Windows are Difficult to Open and Close

Struggling with your windows? Trust me, it shouldn’t be a workout. If your windows are putting up a fight when you try to open or close them, it’s a sign they need an upgrade. Modern replacement windows, like double-hung windows, are a breeze to operate. Don’t settle for sticky windows.

4.  Your Electric Bills Are Through the Roof

Now, high electric bills can come from all sorts of shenanigans, but your windows might be to blame. Remember those drafts we talked about? Well, they let your cozy air escape and force your HVAC system to work extra hard. That means higher bills and a shorter lifespan for your AC. New, energy-efficient windows can keep those bills in check and give your AC a break.

5.  Condensation Forms Inside Your Windows

Condensation inside your windows is never a good sign. It means your windows are leaking air or your home is super humid. If you spot condensation between the panes of your double or triple-pane windows, it’s a clear sign that the seal has failed. And don’t worry, if you’re window was installed by Granbury Door and Window, our lifetime warranty has got you covered. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of you!

6.  Carpet and Furniture Around Your Windows Are Faded

If your furniture, carpets, or rugs are taking a hit from the sunlight streaming through your windows, chances are your windows lack the UV protection of modern ones. Low-emissivity (low-E) glass is the hero here. It’s treated with a microscopic film that keeps UV rays and solar heat at bay, preventing your precious belongings from fading and keeping your home cool.
photo courtesy of: Window Enhancements

7.  Your Windows Don’t Muffle Outside Sounds

Live near a bustling intersection or rowdy neighbors? Don’t worry… modern double or triple-pane windows offer some sweet sound dampening thanks to extra insulation. While they can’t make your home soundproof, they sure can help reduce the noise intrusion. Peace and quiet are just a window replacement away!

8.  Your Windows Could Use Some Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, and windows are often the first thing people notice about your home. If you’re lookin’ to spruce up that curb appeal, boost your property value, or simply give your style a modern twist, new windows are a great upgrade. At Granbury Door and Window, we’ve got a whole bunch of customizable options to make your home truly unique. Let your windows shine!

9.  Your Allergies Are Acting Up

Snifflin’ and sneezin’ more than usual? Your windows might be letting allergens sneak in. Even the best seals wear out over time, but if it’s been over 15 years since your windows were installed, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Say goodbye to those tissues, my friends.

10.  You’re Lookin’ to Boost Your Home’s Value

Hey, you never know what the future holds, right? If you plan on selling your home down the line, you wanna get the most bang for your buck. Well, with replacement vinyl windows, you can boost your home’s value by an average of $13,766, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report. Not too shabby, huh?

So, when it’s time to bid farewell to those old windows, look no further than Granbury Door and Window. We’ve got a wide range of window styles to fit any home style and budget. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation! It’s time to let the light shine in with some fresh windows!

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